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Date Content
User opinion Comment Approved by moderator?
INCORRECTThe L R audio pins are the wrong way around: pin 2 = Left Audio, pin 4 = Right Audio.APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDPins 3,4 are the wrong way round (at least) Wikipedia has an article with the correct pinoutsAPPROVED
INCORRECThttp://www.gamesx.com/avpinouts/psxav.htm That is right!!!APPROVED
2009-05-24 19:47:15rev. 2ERROR FIXEDPins 3 and 4 are incorrect. Pin 3is Ground and Pin 4 is LTAPPROVED
2013-07-30 00:49:52rev. 10CORRECTCompatible also with PS2 & PS3APPROVED
2013-12-01 13:48:33rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-04-13 18:39:44rev. 11CORRECTnopeAPPROVED
2014-10-31 23:18:01rev. 11CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-05-22 02:36:14rev. 11ERROR FIXEDI've tested my PS One and it's actually Left Audio on Pin 2 and Right Audio on Pin 4.APPROVED
2017-08-27 19:41:44rev. 12CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-03-25 10:41:58rev. 12ERROR FIXEDaudio right is pin 2 audio left is pin 4APPROVED
2018-03-25 16:45:12rev. 12ERROR FIXEDpin 2 is right audio pin 4 is left audioAPPROVED
2018-04-01 16:42:18rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-04-16 18:57:47rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-08-13 17:16:27rev. 13CORRECTAPPROVED

History of users contributions

Date Content
Author Comment
2009-06-01 23:32:14rev. 3Lion
2009-07-07 22:35:37rev. 5MarvinI have not altered this pinout any. but think iy should be moved to the a/v or videogames section. I had to search to find it.
2010-08-01 22:44:48rev. 5Ardi
2011-03-23 14:49:12rev. 7Musca Costin-MihaiPins 2 and 4 were inverted (Right <-> Left)
2011-08-08 14:03:42rev. 8El_ScorchoFixed the Left/Right audio assignment. Old version had pin 2 as left, pin 4 as right. Since I just wired it that way and it's backwards, I'm fixing it. Proper wirirng is Pin 2 = Right, Pin 4 = Left. I have personally wired this directly to the motherboard, so it is accurate.
2018-12-14 18:47:22rev. 13NordmannLeft and right channels were inverted

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