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PS/2 Keyboard (IBM Thinkpad) Y adapter specification users reports and reviews

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ERROR FIXEDA PS/2 keyboard or mouse doesnt use pins 2 or 6. The diagram is confusing, but is this pinout saying that keyboard pin 1 (DATA) is connected to computer pin 2? If so, then it also says that mouse pin 1 (DATA) is unconnected, and that mouse pin 2 (NC) is connected to computer pins 1 and 2 (one of which must be keyboard DATA).

If Im misreading the diagram, then IBM must use some peculiar input devices.
ERROR FIXEDThe diagram is incorrect. I took the diagram as explample and analysing the pinout, I developed a new working one. Sorry about the english.

CORRECT- works fine with keyboard on ThinkPad 600
- not tested with mouse.
- seems that left (to the Computer) pictire is right (to the keyboard mouse) and right is left.
2010-03-14 09:00:18rev. 2CORRECTPin 6 should be labeled "CLK2", because saying that both pin 5 and 6 are "CLK1" made me believe they were the same signal, so I have left pin 6 unconnected and connected pin 5 to both the keyboard and mouse's pin 5. This did not work and I had to fix it by connecting pin 6 to pin 5 on the keyboard (like the connection diagram shows). Other than that, works fine on a ThinkPad T20.APPROVED
2012-04-20 16:55:24rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-08-29 20:55:33rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED

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