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2008-09-14 19:54:38rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-09-14 16:22:53rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-02-07 10:02:24rev. 2CORRECTPin 17 is ground for pins 19 and 20, composite video or S-video luminance. Pin 18 is ground for pins 8 and 16. Pins 17-17 and 18-18 conections seem obvious choices. Connection 17-18 is true ? Mixing grounds isn't generating problems?APPROVED
2011-10-30 00:55:51rev. 6CORRECTRGB blanking is described, but RGB Sync is not. Add this info please.APPROVED
2012-03-23 22:06:34rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-06-22 21:08:15rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-07-25 21:56:53rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-08-17 13:54:44rev. 7CORRECTNoAPPROVED
2014-01-26 18:03:52rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-08-27 14:06:14rev. 8CORRECTExcellent! After over 40 years of Electronics Engineering, I tend to forget some things! Many Thanks And Kind Regards. Neil.APPROVED
2020-03-23 01:40:30rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED

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2010-02-27 22:20:40rev. 3Virgil PeiulescuPin 17 - ground for composite video or for S-video luminance ; Pin 18 - ground for "slow" (pin 8), and "fast" (pin 16) switching; Question : Pins 17-17 conection and eventualy 18-18 are mandatory, aren't they? Why connect pin 17 to pin 18?
2011-11-24 22:15:57rev. 7Not absolutely sure but since it works it's probably correct.

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