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INCORRECTpin 1,2 25,26 = +5vAPPROVED
CORRECTI"ve tested the RS232 interface specified in the diagram, connecting it to the ELMscan peripheral. (The ELMscan is a serial "scan tool" for OBD - automotive On Board Diagnosis).APPROVED
INCORRECTPin 1 ist mit Pin 26 vertauschtAPPROVED
CORRECTAt least charger and USB-host works well on Acer N311APPROVED
CORRECTCorrect for serial port. I managed to connect Tx, Rx, Gnd, 5V to my GPS Y-junction cable.APPROVED
CORRECTall the pins are right. APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDcorrect about the pins when PDA is client, but incorrect about the USB HOST connectionAPPROVED

Thanks for your [url=http://pinouts.ru/PDA/acer_n30_pinout.shtml] Acer N 3xx pinout[/url].
Ive opened my N311 cradle, and checked your information:
On the cradle PCB, the numbering of pins is the inversed to yours (1--26 and 26--1, but only a convention problem-pinout is globally correct).
Pins 4(GND) and 23(+5V) are also connected to power supplies in the cradle, and are connected in the N311.
To be able to make the serial output to work alone, I had to connect RTS and CTS in the cradle.
It proves that the ACER N311 has a serial RS232 port (not so much known...).
USB Host wiring is the same in my cradle. Its used for connecting USB devices (USB memories, hard disks...), not a computer.
I havent been able to make the external speaker connections work. (Pin20=5V out ???, 2122=???).
you should add N300 in the title, its a generic name for N310 and N311, and is displayed in front of the pda.
For the USB +5V pins (USB cable pinout), one should use 18,19 OR 23,24,25,26, depending on the power source (USB port OR 2amps charger)
CORRECTI connect Acer N311 pin 1, 7, 11 to the serial cable Gnd I/O pin. Using software MyToken 4.2.1. Can communicated to the vehicle diagnostic controller. Very good!!APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDThere is no audio on pins 21/22, Ive tested them, and no signal here. I also ask to an Acer technician, he give me the pinout for n30, no audio on pins 21 and 22.APPROVED
CORRECTRS232 pins is correctAPPROVED
INCORRECTusb-host under ACER N311 on the scheme 2,15,16,17 not working. Mistake?APPROVED
2008-10-13 21:07:33rev. 4CORRECTthe usb host, usb client , and power pins are all correctAPPROVED
2013-06-16 20:26:18rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED

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2008-08-21 22:08:03rev. 4
2010-01-07 11:48:57rev. 5Vladimirв Acer n311 по 4 внешних контакта(1-4) и (23-26) задействованы для питания, причём коннектор LG а не ASUS, и в таком варианте нумерация контактов в таблице будет совпадать с маркировкой на плате КПК.
2010-02-27 22:12:43rev. 6QuickWitted+5 на Data-Carrier-Detect включает RS232, но что включает USB хост?

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