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Date Content
User opinion Comment Approved by moderator?
2009-03-29 20:53:18rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-05-12 12:12:35rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-07-23 16:45:23rev. 2CORRECTno problems, i just made one and tested it -- works great -- thanks for the information :)APPROVED
2009-11-19 20:05:07rev. 2CORRECTWorks - APC pins 5 & 6 weren't needed.APPROVED
2010-06-30 18:29:00rev. 2CORRECTI just made one and it works great thanks for the information :)APPROVED
2010-08-16 07:12:48rev. 2CORRECTWorked like a charm, pinout is correct!APPROVED
2012-02-24 05:58:22rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-02-27 21:24:02rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-10-11 16:43:21rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-05-14 08:30:25rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-06-12 05:33:22rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-08-08 21:42:25rev. 7CORRECTUsed first 4 pins for AP7900APPROVED
2014-10-23 00:41:39rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-10-28 23:27:51rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-04-30 23:03:58rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-07-04 06:38:48rev. 7CORRECTCorrect. If needed, the username/password can be reset by pushing the reset button, waiting for the ethernet link light to flash, and then pressing the reset button again.APPROVED
2015-12-24 21:45:43rev. 8CORRECT"APC" could be noted as RJ12/RJ11 "PC" could be noted as DB9 I used RJ11 plug that has only the middle 4 pins (2,3,4,5). connected APC pins 2,3, and 4 only and it worked perfect.APPROVED
2016-02-19 18:55:51rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-07-25 10:20:45rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-01-12 14:46:14rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-01-21 03:30:42rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-03-20 09:39:53rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-04-05 10:14:05rev. 8CORRECTCorrect. Works with an RJ11. Tested on an AP7951 PDU.APPROVED
2017-05-10 07:25:48rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-02-04 04:41:37rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-02-04 21:29:48rev. 8CORRECTWorked like a charm! No problems. Pins 1 and 6 are not needed for the PDUs I tested (AP8941, AP7941, AP7841)APPROVED
2018-04-05 15:39:38rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-05-20 21:08:04rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-06-13 18:39:33rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-06-15 14:46:15rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-03-05 11:05:22rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-03-29 16:30:02rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-01-06 01:46:11rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-11-24 19:42:46rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-12-17 18:45:15rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-04-11 05:40:33rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-08-21 06:56:55rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-09-17 07:12:40rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-03-07 04:52:08rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-09-15 16:39:30rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-09-25 06:33:56rev. 9ERROR FIXEDHave used RJ12 plug to connect to APC 7752. RJ12: P2,P3,P4,P5 were connected to DB9: P5, P3, P2, P8. May need to click Enter a few times, if using PuTTY.APPROVED
2023-09-28 16:00:46rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED

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Author Comment
2015-08-23 17:05:31rev. 8StoneshopChecked this with AP7812

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