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2009-03-08 20:38:28rev. 2INCORRECTCompaq EVO SFF (Small Form Factor) Pentium 4 175 Watt Power Supply Part Number: 243891-002 Spare Number: 274427-001 Series: PDP-117P. pin 1/+3.3v RS Pin2/+3.3v aux Pin3/RTN Pin4/+5v Pin5/RTN Pin6/+5v Pin7/RTN Pin8/+3.3v Pin9/-12v Pin10/Fan_SNK (Fan Sink) Pin11/PS_ON Pin12/+5v AUX Pin13/Fan_CMD ( Fan command) Pin14/+12v APPROVED
2009-09-01 12:12:10rev. 2CORRECTPrevious "INCORRECT" is correct ONLY for P4 power supplies. Posted pinout is correct for P3 SFF systems ONLY as stated in the original contributionAPPROVED
2010-02-04 03:25:56rev. 2CORRECTNo errors as far as I know. Correlates well with known good diagrams - identical pin definitions. Have built own modification to ATX power supply using diagram just fine.APPROVED
2010-06-30 23:05:00rev. 2CORRECTits ok. thanks you.APPROVED
2012-07-18 19:18:02rev. 2CORRECTit's great :)APPROVED
2013-11-03 05:25:55rev. 3CORRECTadd a note saying connect pin 4 (ON/STBY) with pin 5 (+5v AUX) to turn on the power supplyAPPROVED
2014-07-07 17:38:11rev. 3CORRECTcorrectAPPROVED
2014-08-12 02:00:53rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-12-09 23:19:16rev. 3INCORRECTHi There, the pin numbers do not correspond to the ones from the 20 and 24 pin ATX-connectors. So the document may eventually be correct as it is. It would be nice if all these molex connectors would follow the same number scheme. APPROVED
2017-02-20 10:49:33rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-10-29 05:56:00rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-08-12 03:13:29rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED

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2009-08-07 18:37:39rev. 2Fabio Boardmann

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