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Date Content
User opinion Comment Approved by moderator?
2009-02-20 12:31:13rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-02-28 10:01:02rev. 2INCORRECTThe connector image is unclear - this should be labelled "receptacle" - it looks like the plug but the pin numbers are inverted for the plug.APPROVED
2009-10-12 13:32:58rev. 3INCORRECTAPPROVED
2010-07-07 11:48:57rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-04-10 16:07:06rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-04-01 13:37:34rev. 6ERROR FIXEDType A HDMI connector correct pinout: 14 Utility/HEC Data+ 19 Hot Plug Detect/HEC Data-APPROVED
2018-10-13 11:14:59rev. 10ERROR FIXEDPinouts are incorrect in the plug & socket diagrams. Plug is numbered 1-10 left to right on top & 11-19 left to right on the bottom. I have just cut a 5m lead to feed through a pipe & have examined the shielded bundles confirming the above.APPROVED
2020-02-18 01:39:56rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-07-10 14:17:57rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2023-03-25 23:11:13rev. 10CORRECTN/AAPPROVED

History of users contributions

Date Content
Author Comment
2009-06-21 22:08:47rev. 3Anton Latyshevcorrect name in 3,6,9 pin's in type a hdmi connector pinout
2015-08-23 15:47:16rev. 5emeraan

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