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ERROR FIXEDSome pin number and mean seems the same as on my MedionPPC150. But they are inverted. The side with the cutted corner is down lookup PDA with screen face up.Keeping cutted corner up, te pin numbered 1 is on the right.The pin I"m sure are: 4 shield (non ground), 14 ground, 20 and 22 +Vcc. The other I don"t know.APPROVED
CORRECTFor mitac mio 168, the connections for power and USB are correct. Pin 4 is ground not shield. Not sure about com1 connections.APPROVED
INCORRECTno description of i/o, and of USB host in 558 modelAPPROVED
CORRECTyeah yeah yeah... thats correct... :)APPROVED
CORRECT15,16,17 are NC
18 can be attached to 19-22
13,14 can go together

good for NAVMAN too (in USA)
ERROR FIXEDPls change connector on 22 pin male Himalaya special connectorAPPROVED
2010-08-16 17:25:48rev. 2CORRECTthank you ! :) it works for pda Airis 509. Don't forget to connect pin 5 (to the +5V of the usb), if not, the pc doesn't detect the pda.APPROVED
2012-02-08 18:52:09rev. 2CORRECTcorrectAPPROVED
2014-01-27 01:45:46rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED

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2011-04-25 22:20:15rev. 2Lex
2014-03-03 11:32:44rev. 41- replace D-+ by D+, 2 - add comment on pin 18 based on the data from other page of this site

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should be correct