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CORRECTInformation is right. To make the PDA to work, it must happen:
- put red switch battery lock to ON (as if it were locking a battery)
- pin 2 3 (+5V) must be connected by battery
2009-02-25 11:42:49rev. 2CORRECTThis is correct. Those are 6 pins on battery conector, and if you connect 5v and gnd as shown you will be abile to power on your device... but before you do that you must locate battery or battery cower swich... it's switch that tell's your device battery or battery cower is in its place....APPROVED
2010-05-28 20:21:32rev. 2CORRECTyes this information is correct.. but warning dont try to charge lipol batery with normal batery charger example from other mobile lipol bytery needs special charger wehen u tray to charge with normal charger byterry may explode!!! trust me im a electrician and i know how it works :)APPROVED
2014-02-23 16:23:12rev. 3CORRECTAPPROVED

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2010-06-10 22:49:53rev. 2lamkathynk uyou for this page :)

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