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2009-03-25 03:44:25rev. 2INCORRECTThere should be two pins at 0V, one for the 5V supply and one for the 12V supply. Without those, the only DC power you could get is 7V (ie. 12 minus 5).APPROVED
2009-06-05 16:02:03rev. 3ERROR FIXEDThis appears to make no sense, how can there possibly be four positive connectors, surely two needs to be earths/groundsAPPROVED
2009-08-14 23:44:58rev. 3INCORRECTpin can not be +5 and +12 all missing -5 and -12... :-(((APPROVED
2009-10-12 20:00:02rev. 3ERROR FIXEDHi, according to the picture on the power adapter I have for the seagate external harddrive with a male connector: 1 = + 12V 2 = + 5V 3 = GND 4 = GND Kind regards, Tamer Oral 1 = +12VAPPROVED
2009-10-13 15:00:37rev. 4CORRECTI have verified this by repairing a broken male connector (broken pins). The Seagate harddrive is operational again (model: ST3250823A).APPROVED
2010-02-09 11:29:43rev. 5CORRECTIt is +5, +12, gnd, gnd, as I have measured it with my multimeter. However I'm not sure of the order.APPROVED
2010-08-05 04:01:35rev. 5INCORRECTThe corrections are INCORRECT on this pinout. The Authoritative reference (http://support.seagate.com/kbimg/4985-10.jpg) proves it. What is missing is the fact that the SHIELD of the cable is ground. There is no way to express that in the table, though.APPROVED

History of users contributions

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Author Comment
2009-03-29 17:25:30rev. 2Phillip RemakerTypo in the original entry of the part# corrected.
2009-10-12 22:55:22rev. 4Tamer OralI have the adapter in my possession. I read the pinouts from the diagram on the adapter.
2009-10-23 10:08:48rev. 5Tamer OralI have verified this by soldering the broken male connector (connected to the power supply). The Seagate harddrive, model ST3250823A is operational again.
2010-08-15 21:29:02rev. 5Phillip RemakerIt was right the first time, for this particular Seagate Drive. I have a built a working power supply with this pinout.

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