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ERROR FIXEDthis is NOT of a DSS-25, but of a generic Ericsson serial data cable.APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDthe tx rx is not rigth for SE t226APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDDSS-25 is a USB connection device not DB9APPROVED
2008-12-21 04:34:28rev. 1INCORRECTT290i device schematic = T230 device schematic. Cable dont work ?!APPROVED
2009-01-23 20:33:16rev. 1CORRECTit work, perfect. i only take the pin 6 and 7, eureka.APPROVED
2010-02-20 20:25:55rev. 1CORRECTis perfect!!!APPROVED

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2009-01-24 22:47:45rev. 1Victor PantojaIt work, trabaja. pin 6 y 7. No needed, no necesite el 9/11
2013-04-07 15:21:22rev. 2

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