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ERROR FIXEDpic for PS2 Here iz S-video 4 pin.APPROVED
ERROR FIXEDhttp://pinouts.ru/InputCables/usb_ps2_mouse_pinout.shtml
On this page, you display a 4-pin mini din conenctor, but mice and keyboards use 6 pin mini din connectors. the table is correct, but the diagram is wrong.
CORRECTIt was very useful for meAPPROVED
2008-09-29 18:17:14rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2008-12-29 20:25:07rev. 2CORRECTI followed the table and it was OK - converted an USB keyboard to PS/2 and it works fine so far. BTW, thank you for sharing this information with the rest of us!!APPROVED
2009-03-28 16:00:29rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-05-22 05:04:38rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-08-09 13:24:30rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2009-09-30 19:39:48rev. 3CORRECTno errors, works perfect !APPROVED
2009-12-21 15:00:21rev. 5CORRECTThis also works for keyboards. Should be noted...APPROVED
2010-01-02 01:45:02rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-02-12 15:12:51rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-02-23 15:05:31rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-03-05 20:00:28rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-07-01 17:35:28rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-09-04 00:36:46rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2010-09-11 21:00:05rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-01-01 04:56:51rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-01-13 06:25:58rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-02-27 14:07:20rev. 8CORRECTno errors... just great! thanks for this.APPROVED
2012-03-06 20:28:45rev. 8CORRECTthe document is correct , it works with me great thanksAPPROVED
2012-03-11 11:35:29rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-04-03 16:42:47rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-04-24 20:14:59rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-05-05 19:03:11rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-10-08 20:00:58rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-10-15 09:30:57rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-04-10 21:59:28rev. 9CORRECTno errorsAPPROVED
2013-06-10 19:10:49rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-07-05 21:09:43rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-08-26 11:02:46rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-09-25 13:49:32rev. 9CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-11-01 20:14:16rev. 9CORRECTnoneAPPROVED
2014-02-03 23:07:02rev. 10INCORRECTnerozpoznalo CZ APPROVED
2014-07-07 07:15:07rev. 10ERROR FIXEDAPPROVED
2014-08-23 04:23:42rev. 10CORRECTAlles KlarAPPROVED
2014-11-08 12:37:38rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-03-11 22:00:17rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-06-20 00:25:31rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-07-25 00:07:23rev. 10INCORRECTAPPROVED
2016-09-09 12:05:27rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-07-22 00:00:11rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-06-19 07:15:23rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED
2022-01-12 14:52:52rev. 10CORRECTAPPROVED

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2009-10-19 23:16:45rev. 3
2010-01-03 22:23:37rev. 7OgThis also works for keyboards(I tried it), so I added it and changed some things that were unclear.
2010-01-15 23:06:23rev. 7Igor
2010-08-02 23:04:25rev. 8Carl Mathias Kobelown discovery
2011-05-02 22:57:27rev. 8
2015-08-25 12:07:21rev. 10Mark Wupdated the directions

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