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ERROR FIXED39-30-1060 is the header, 39-01-2060 is the cable connectorAPPROVED
ERROR FIXEDmolex 39-30-1060 - 6-pin? vnature?APPROVED
ERROR FIXED6 pin MOLEX 39-01-2060 are you shure?APPROVED
2009-09-03 11:25:47rev. 1CORRECTI think it is correct in that the upper pin's are all the same polarity, and the lower pin's are the oppisite . I know this only from cracking open the case and looking at the circut board. I think the guy is right and I am going to hook up a 12 volt source with a 13 to 14 amp fuse. ( I really dont want to spend 40 bucks for a power supply when I could use an old bat charger!APPROVED
2018-04-30 11:43:26rev. 1CORRECTAPPROVED

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2012-02-23 16:02:20rev. 1Alexander Fisher , Russia, NovosibirskNEW-2 !!! - I change: destination ( at "Title" & at "Header" ), "Name" & "Description", colors, "at the" for second connector,
2012-02-23 16:02:30rev. 1Alexander Fisher , Russia, NovosibirskNEW-1 !!! - I change: destination ( at "Title" & at "Header" ), "Name" & "Description", colors, "at the" for second connector,

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