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ERROR FIXED1 is shield 2 is positive. (picture is mirrored)APPROVED
CORRECTI used it for my amplifier.APPROVED
CORRECTcorrect for this micAPPROVED
2009-07-11 04:08:03rev. 2ERROR FIXEDThe diagrams are incorrect, in the female, the right pin is the 1, and left the 2. The male connector is incorrect too, checked on my focusrite audio interface and on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XLR_connector , thanksAPPROVED
2010-02-07 19:49:23rev. 2CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-01-14 06:59:00rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-12-04 06:04:53rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2011-12-24 07:41:27rev. 6INCORRECTI got a readymade xlr mic cable, the problem is 1 and 3 is shorting and 2 hot is this correct !APPROVED
2012-05-05 07:48:11rev. 6CORRECTI only checked the AKG K702 pin out. APPROVED
2012-12-16 16:18:37rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-02-19 00:04:17rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-08-18 09:35:50rev. 7CORRECTI believe costumer can fix if any problem come in xlr3. This is good to make our code wire live for sound system Thank you APPROVED
2016-08-26 10:42:51rev. 7CORRECTДанная распиновка является правильной.APPROVED
2017-02-14 19:36:08rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-05-02 14:13:27rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-03-27 12:58:21rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-09-05 18:39:46rev. 8CORRECTAPPROVED

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2010-03-10 22:10:46rev. 4Brandon F
2011-11-24 22:05:30rev. 5
2014-01-30 19:46:07rev. 7

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