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2010-07-24 22:53:03rev. 4CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-03-25 17:32:03rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-06-28 16:31:35rev. 5CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-11-11 13:44:21rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-08-23 14:44:58rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-08-26 19:28:31rev. 7CORRECTAPPROVED

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2009-06-01 23:29:34rev. 4Bear Berman
2011-01-30 12:02:34rev. 4Joe TokhsThe pin numbering of the drawings on this page are incorrect. The numbering of the left drawing, labled as 'XLR female' is actually for the 'XLR male' connector, and visa versa! See the pdf drawing from the link above.
2012-05-05 22:32:07rev. 5Pulled from DIY experience.
2016-08-03 00:32:57rev. 6Joris Robijn12V generic [power and Telex/RTS intercom headset added
2022-05-03 17:22:45rev. 8JefTested on a real battery charger, so it is sure ;-)

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