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ERROR FIXEDWhat is labeled as GND USB 5 Ground (pin 7) is actually a control pin for the navigation buttons. Different resistor values push different buttons.APPROVED
CORRECTI have a question regarding pin 7. What pin do I connect the other side of the resistor to? I have tried to ground and video ground. I tried this using the following resistor values : 20k play/pause, 30k radio toggle, 50-60k FF/Next, 62-90k REW/Prev, 117k vol down, 163k vol up. Are these correct. This does work on the headphone jack (pin 1 across 2). Some help would be greatly appreciated. The rest of the pins look good so far.

INCORRECTRe the question regarding pin 7. I have found from testing that it is pin 8 that is the Control pin for the navigation buttons. By using pin 8 and 1 or 11 as the earth pins I have managed to get the following functions to work :- Play/Pause (12K), Mode(30K), Next Track / Forward (51K), Prev Track / Rewind (82K). Volume - (120K) and Volume + (160K) work on the head phone jack but not on the base connector. This function is possibly disabled via this connector, as audio via this connector is delivered at a fixed level. I hope this information is helpful.


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