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52 pin mini-PCIE edge pcb connector layout
Разъем 52 pin mini-PCIE edge pcb
mSATA applications include netbooks, laptops and other devices that require a solid-state drive in a small footprint.


Mini-SATA (abbreviated as mSATA), which is distinct from the micro SATA connector, was announced  in  2009. 

The connector is similar in appearance to a PCI Express Mini Card interface, but is not electrically compatible; the data signals  need a connection to the SATA host controller instead of the PCI Express host controller.

1   Reserved   No connect
2   3V3   +3.3V
3   Reserved   No connect
4   GND   Ground
5   Reserved   No connect
6   1V5   No connect
7   Reserved   No connect
8   Reserved   No connect
9   GND   Ground
10   Reserved   No connect
11   Reserved   No connect
12   Reserved   No connect
13   Reserved   No connect
14   Reserved   No connect
15   GND   Ground
16   Reserved   No connect
17   Reserved   No connect
18   GND   Ground
19   Reserved   No connect
20   Reserved   No connect
21   GND   Ground
22   Reserved   No connect
23   +B   Differential signal pair +B
and -B
24   3V3   +3.3V
25   -B   Differential signal pair +B
and -B
26   GND   Ground
27   GND   Ground
28   1V5   No connect
29   GND   Ground
30   TWI   Two-wire interface
31   -A   Differential signal pair +A
and -A
32   TWI   Two-wire interface
33   +A   Differential signal pair +A
and -A
34   GND   Ground
35   GND   Ground
36   Reserved   No connect
37   GND   Ground
38   Reserved   No connect
39   3V3   +3.3V
40   GND   Ground
41   3V3   +3.3V
42   Reserved   No connect
43   NC   No connect
44   Devslp   Device sleep
45   Optional   No connect
46   Reserved   No connect
47   Optional   No connect
48   1V5   No connect
49   DA/DSS   Drive activity LED
50   GND   Ground
51   Presence   Presence detection
52   3V3   +3.3V


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