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68 pin U.2 (SFF-8639) SATA Express connector layout
Разъем 68 pin U.2 (SFF-8639) SATA Express
OCP Kinetic
SNIA Ethernet Drive
S1 Ground Ground    
S2 RX0+ RX0+    
S3 RX0- RX0-    
S4 Ground Ground    
S5 TX0- TX0-    
S6 TX0+ TX0+    
S7 Ground Ground    
S8 Ground Ground    
S9 RX1+ RX1+ (optional)    
S10 RX1- RX1+ (optional)    
S11 Ground Ground    
S12 TX1- TX1- (optional)    
S13 TX1+ TX1+ (optional)    
S14 Ground Ground    
P1 Presence detect Reserved    
P2 I2C Clock Reserved    
P3 I2c Data PWRDIS    
P4 Ground Ground    
P5 Ground Ground    
P6 Ground Ground    
P7 +5V +5V 5V supply Precharge SAS+SATA
P8 +5V +5V 5V supply SAS+SATA
P9 +5V +5V 5V supply SAS+SATA
P10 Ground Ground    
P11 Vendor Ready LED    
P12 Ground Ground    
P13 +12V +12V 12V supply Precharge all
P14 +12V +12V 12V supply all
P15 +12v +12V 12V supply all
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