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PSU doesn't have any cables, just the 24pin Molex connector (pins shapes compatible with cable ATX connector)

Pinout of LiteON PS-6191-1 Power Supply.

Description Pin
1 +3.3V   13 +3.3V  
2 +3.3V   14 +3.3V  
3 GND   15 GND  
4 GND   16 GND  
5 GND   17 GND  
6 GND   18 GND  
7 +5.0V   19 +5V  
8 +5.0V   20 +5V  
9 +12V   21 -12V  
10 +24V   22 +5VHS  +5V Standby Power (available when main PS is off)
11 PG  PowerGood Output (5V = Output Voltages are OK) 23 WR reads H8 or HB and needs to be GND also to power ON all the Voltages otherwise only the fans run low and +5V HS is there
12 F/M   24 REM  /PSON (Pull to GND to turn PS on)

Pin 12 (Fan Manager) must be grounded in order to avoid bios fan error.

24 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-24 female (MOLEX 39-01-2240) схематический вид разъема
Разъем 24 pin MiniFit Jr 5557-24 female (MOLEX 39-01-2240)
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