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13 pin HP motherboard proprietary connector layout
Разъем 13 pin HP motherboard proprietary
Non-standard ATX MB power connector with additional 6-pin Molex for 3.3V
Pin Pin* Pin
color coding
1 13 -5V Violet - -5V 0.2A White
2 12 -12V Green - -12V 0.5A Blue
3 11 +5V Red - +5V Red
4 10 +5V Red - +5V Red
5 9 +5V Red - +5V Red
6 8 +5V_STBY Orange - +5V Standby, seems not more than 50mA Green
7 7 +12V Yellow - +12V Yellow
8 6 GND Black Black
9 5 GND Black Black
10 4 GND Black Black
11 3 PWR_ON White - Power ON from motherboard, ON=LOW (short it to GND for power on) Purple
12 2 empty pin removed, closed with a plastic plug -
13 1 PG Blue - Power Good to motherboard, PG=Hi Grey

There are two numbering and color schemes. Not sure which one is correct.

Single-in-line Molex-like 13-hole connector with one hole empty. Looking on the metal latches side of the connector, wires UP, 1st pin is on the LEFT.

Additional Connector PS2 ( 6 pin Molex):

 Pin  Signal      Color
  1   +3.3V       Brown
  1   +3.3V       Brown
  1   +3.3V       Brown
  4   GND         Black
  5   GND         Black
  6   GND         Black



На распиновку HP 12/13 pin power supply connector for Vectra VL 5 minitower P-120 etc. есть 14 отзыв(а): 13 положительных и 0 отрицательных.

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