RS-232 and other serial ports and interfaces
This is an electrical standard, similar to RS-232-F, but with data rates up to 512 kbps support.

EIA/TIA-694 is an electrical only standard and need to be referenced by complete standards. TIA/EIA-694 standard defines an unbalanced, unidirectional, point-to-point interface with TIA/EIA-232-F devices inter-operability support.

Driver Open Circuit Output Voltage ≤ | 5.5V |
Driver Loaded Output Voltage (3 kΩ) ≥ | 3.0V |
Driver Short Circuit Current ≤ | 100 mA |
Driver Transition Time Controlled
Receiver Input Resistance ≥ 3 kΩ
Maximum Receiver Input Voltage ?12V
Receiver Thresholds ?2V

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Source(s) of this and additional information: "Summary of Well Known Interface standards" by National Semiconductor
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