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9 pin D-SUB male connector layout
9 pin D-SUB male connector
may be used for building your own cable
Pin Signal Description
1 Shut Down (dumb mode) / RS-232 RX In (smart mode) Set high for 1-5 sec to activate shutdown.
2 Line Fail (dumb mode) / RS-232 TX Out (smart mode) On-battery power (normally low but goes high when the UPS switches to batteries)
3 Line Fail signal Mains down (normally low but goes high when line fail)
4,9 GND Ground, chassis
5 Low battery signal (normally low but goes high when low battery)
6 Line fail signal Inverse of pin 2 Line Fail signal
7 UPS Turn-on/off signal (on advanced UPSes only)
8 Unregulated +24 Vdc Out ??  
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