KORG synthesizer FDD help needed

Started by BusyBass, Feb 03, 2007, 17:51

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Yeah Richard, that's the same belt that is used in N264 and N364 drives.


have not been able to get the file: x3file2sysex.jar from yahoo group it doesnt seem to be available  do you have any suggestions


I've just checked and the file is still available and downloads fine. What do you get when you try to download it?


Quote from: Dimitris on Nov 05, 2008, 10:42
Ok, I just saw the readme file "add a .jar extension" tip. It seems to be working now. Thanks. :-)
Quote from: zoroklick on Apr 10, 2009, 19:33
I've just checked and the file is still available and downloads fine. What do you get when you try to download it?


Iam looking for X3file2sysex.jar . The group owner hasn't approved my request yet...Can someone please send me the file to vasanth.vaseegaran@gmail.com

It will be of great help



Hi guys regarding the "belt for the floppy drive"..let me share you something you might wanna try. Almost 10 yrs ago, brought my x3 to yamaha/korg repairshop. I was advised to buy a new drive, so have to order from Japan..wow! Instead, I just have the boards cleaned so I could take a peek of what's inside this heavy sequencer. Got an idea, went home, unsecrewed the x3, pulled the belt...replaced a RUBBER BAND!..well it works but not long enuf. Therefore, it's possible! Got my classic cassette tape recorder..took off the belt and placed it on my x3 drive. HOLA, it worked..hehehe. To make it even more stable, just went to any electronic shop, brought both the belts for sample..I got one at least near to same circumference and thickness..now fully functional. Try it guys, 100% I assure you. Now, got same problem after almost 10 years, definitely for the rubber's wear and tear. I'll do the same thing again in a couple of days. Try it guys, we'll all be happy. Just present the sample belt..(don't tell it's from a korg keyboard..what the hell is that?!that's the next thing you'll hear ;D), say..it's from my cassette/audio component!..THEY'LL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU JUST NEED! It cost me 15 PHP...(that's 0.2141 EUROS)!!!


HI Toursaver3. You mentioned that the replacement belt only costs about 15 pesos at a local electronics shop. I have an N364 with the same problem. It seems you're in the same country where I'm at :)

Do you have an address or at a phone number for the electronics shop so I can visit them directly?




It's sad how companies like korg take our hard earned money after purchasing their products and when we have trouble with the product we are left out in the cold. something should be done concerning this matter. I wish I had a solution but i don't but i will support any one that has a good idea on what we as consumers can do to protect our investments. I have over 12,000.00 dollars in korg equipment. and this really sucks. please respond with any solutions


theres is any way to download all the file for Korg x3 by computer? :o

ameer faizal

Quote from: Dimitris on Oct 01, 2008, 12:19
Hi, zoroklick, can you provide a link to that software you mention? It might be just the thing for my unresponsive N364 floppy drive


Quote from: sreejnv on Jun 29, 2008, 17:24
hi everybody i to had the same problem but i could resolve it with the help of a local electronic service shop. they changed n364 's 26 pi to standard36 pin floppy drive. i spent only Rs 1500 for it

If you do so, please send me the contact no of the shop. I wish to convert mine


any authorised service centres for korg in india?

thohir as ary

please help,my drive flopy korg i5s cable problem


help replease flopy drive korg i5s with flopy drive pc for disk 2hd can't red/write and format.thank