hp d530 motherboard in a new case, but front usb wont work????Help

Started by mitz, Jul 24, 2007, 08:29

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I have transfered a hp d530 small form factor into a new case because the hp power supply went..(hard to replace) Anyway everythings fine but the front usb wont work. This is the third time I have done this , and always with the same problem..Different cases too..
The front usb worked but when you transfer it, it doesnt...
Can anyone give me a few clues...
Could the usb be different to every other one I have worked with before.???
Any information would be great..


I got the same problem Te original connector works but the one in my case doesn't. Is it a USB1.0 vs USB2.0 problem? I see that the origional wire has got some condensator attached to it, the one in my case doen't.



Well instead of stuffing around with it, I am putting in a PCI internal usb card with pin connectors on it...that works...


hi the front usb's will work but only with mass storage devices eg. memory sticks but that is all
from rumraider


Hmm, I'm having the same issues.  Rumraider hit the nail on the head.  Just my Mass Storage devices work also.


I had the same problem but Im so smart I just connected one of the usb ground (black) to the remaning pin insted of the normal pin. and it works grate . No thanks to HP or ASUS!!!!