nokia 3300 cable data

Started by huahua, Aug 17, 2005, 13:16

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somebody pls help me... :?
i have some questions:

is it same,nokia 3300 pop port pinouts(pin 6:Fbus RX,pin 7:Fbus TX)with nokia 3300 internal phone pinouts(pin2:TX and pin4:RX)?

i want to make a nokia 3300 data cable by my self(use for MobiMb and OPM II).how to make it?Is it possible if i use DKU5(with some change of course)?how to modify it?
Can i make F-Bus cable for it too?How to make it? :?

pls,help me if anyone have the tutorial,and schematic diagram...  :(

thx alot before....
Best regards,