What does TFSC stand for?

Started by carlos.coelho@tele2.pt, Oct 22, 2007, 20:05

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I own a Dell GXMT 5200 computer. Unfortunately, the power supply (what else could it be?), went down. It is a Liton (Taiwan) PS-5231-1-1 Rev.4, and the pin layout is as follows:

Color Signal Pin            Pin Signal Color
Gray /PS_On 11           1 +5V Red
Black     GND 12           2 GND Black
Black     GND 13           3 +5V Red/Black 
Black     GND 14           4 GND Black
White    -5V 15           5 Power_Good Orange
Red      +5V 16             6 +5VSB (standby) Purple
Red      +5V 17             7 +12V Yellow
Red      +5V 18             8 -12V Blue
Brown   TFSC 19      9 GND Black
Red      +5V 20           10 GND Black

I am trying to repair it, but I don?t know what does TFSC stand for; what is its voltage;
polarity, and current.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


its thermal fan speed control  -
Its a input/output used to control the fan speed on the power supply
If you dont connect it the fan will still work and wil be controlled only by the temp sensor in the PS.
I think you can connect it to a dc voltage to increase the RPMs if you want or you can try the PWM output of a 4 pin header