need specs for 8 pin MINI DIN female to VGA 15 pin male cable converter

Started by peteskies, Sep 09, 2008, 22:11

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I need to know the solidering specifications for a cable converter which has, on one side, one VGA 15 pin male and on the other side, two (split) 8 pin mini DIN female plugs

the VGA is plugging into a MINI PC, and the two MINI DINs are plugging into male 8 pin MINI DIN plugs attached to a headrest 7" monitor.

However, the factory needs to know how to connect the pins and all other relevant information of which I have no clue.

Can anyone help or refer me to the page on this site which shows this information?




Hey -- Better late than never...?

I found this for the VineGen (external scan converter box) this might be what you need...

VGA to 8 pin mini-DIN