10 pin idc to rj12 sniffer cable

Started by Frosty, Feb 19, 2009, 13:50

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Hey all;

This is my first post but i was wondering if someone could help me.

What I have is a stepper motor which uses the 10 pin idc connector, this is connected to a plc on rs485 which uses the rj12 connector, I have been online to both using hyperterminal to see the data being sent in both directions but when its just the plc to stepper the plc is receiving data that I did not see on hyperterminal.

What I want to do is tap into this comms with a db9 connector so that I can see whats being sent in both directions on hyperterminal.

I don't want to buy a cable so what id need is the wiring diagram.

If anyone can help me or recommend where I could find such a wiring diagram i'd appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance;