ATX with 24 pin connector?

Started by gehang, Feb 26, 2006, 02:43

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Anyone have a compaq presario?

I'm trying to find out info on my power supply. HP wants over $100 for a power supply I could probably get from best buy for $40 and re-wire with a $0.50 connector.

It say's it's a 24 pin atx. Anyone know what the pin config is for this? I already did a forum search for compaq, hp, and presario.
Also I had a look at the power supply section and I see the btx 24 pin diagrams. Is this the format HP/Compaq is using? Or do they use a slightly different priototary design?

Any advice would be much appriciated..

Gehan G.


Just get a ATX 24Pins power supply. Most power supply sold today are 24pins and 20pins compatible.


I have been able to turn my PC on with a 20-pin power supply, but my brand-new motherboard has a 24 pin connector! The fact is that the connector is partly compatible, so you have to try plugging the connector in, you will be able to do it only in one position (i can't remember which one), since connectors are shaped in such a way that you can't damage anything.