ATI AWI 9000 / 9200 Video I/O Adapters

Started by norbizar, Sep 23, 2009, 22:58

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Hi all,
is no specialist in this forum???

Please answer...

I have bought an old All-in-Wonder graphic card without the adapter cable. Now I look for the right cable, but...
The pinout of the card is above: 8 pin ATI All-In-Wonder input from S-Video. ok.
The pinout in the middle of the card is: 10-pin ??  ( as I view from the back side)
video out and other functions?

My question: Does the 8 / 9 or perhaps 10 pin mini-din have the same layout /compatibility and the "right" design to connect?
Especially I am interested in video in/out functions. As I learned in ATI Radeon 9 pin VID IN connector pinout has overlapping pins for both functions.
There a different adapters offered. Do anyone knows the fitting adapters?