wireless GUITAR Playstation2 controller to usb pc controller

Started by bronxtv, Feb 17, 2010, 14:40

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Hi I'm new to this forum and I'm totally noob at electronics, but I hope I can find some help here!

First of all I bought a ps2 guitar hero kramer wireless guitar from redoctane, this one : http://blog.big-dutch.com/images/guitarh.JPG

I play on pc with some games like guitar hero which support any controller.
So I needed an adapter from ps2 serial to pc usb and I bought one from "Atomic pc", which unfortunately installed regularly but couldn't even see the key I tried to stroke (either on windows xp, windows seven), even under the windows game peripheral test.

So i decided to buy another controller and this time it was one from "Nitho", "this time the guitar seems to work perfectly" I thought....... well every 20 seconds it losts the wireless signal for 3-4 seconds and then it comes back up for other 20 seconds... and so on.... the final result is : games are unplayable.

So I disassambled the guitar body, as u see from picture and I realized that I could solder an usb wire and kill that wireless which is giving me a lot of problems (on pc).

I post here the 2 urls, this is the one where I cut the wire that goes from mainboard to the led which blink when wireless is connected, and maybe to the wireless transmitter itself. it's a big wire with 4 wires inside and I want to replace this with a direct 4 wires usb http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/8686/imgp0172v.jpg

My doubt is, as you see in 2nd pic, should I sold everything (usb is made with 4 wires, 2 for 5v power and 2 for data transmission I think) where the grey cut wire was or should I sold only data there and let the power connected to the batteries? The risk, in my mind is to have two powers working, one from batteries and 1 from usb, one outgoing, one incoming. As u see here : http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/6392/imgp0171eng.jpg

Can you help me in some ways ?
Sorry if my english sux, but I'm italian!



hey, I'm not sure if you are still actively wanting to do this or not, but I have recently been in need of hooking up a PS2 wireless guitar to an FPGA board, similiar to what you are doing, minus the USB, I am going to do it serially, I think you should do the same, look into schematics of your sierial data port on the back of your computer. learn what those pins do and the connect the wires in that manner, here is a bit of information as to what the pins do,

The following schematic shows the PlayStation 2 Controller Cable Connector Pinout Diagram. Here is the description

I think it goes from left to right, but I could be wrong, i mean if you are italian you you prolly drive on the wrong side of the road anyway....heh..

but yeah I would love to discuss this more since i haven't actually tested it.

Pin 1 for Data/Signal transfer from Controller to PSX, this signal is an 8 bit serial transmission synchronous to the falling edge of clock.
Pin 2, Command, is the counter part of DATA. It is again an 8 bit serial transmission on the falling edge of clock.
Pin 3 is unused.
Pin 4 for Ground.
Pin 5, VCC, this can vary from 5V down to 3V and the official SONY Controllers will still operate.
Pin 6, is used to get the attention of the controller, this signal will go low for the duration of a transmission.
Pin 7, Clock, is used to keep units in sync.
Pin 8, is not connected or N/C.
Pin 9, ACK, is acknowledge signal from Controller to PSX.