Charging a Cell Phne off a TV.

Started by macgrl1377, Jul 27, 2012, 09:27

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I need to know in the worst way if there is a way to charge a cell phone off of a TV. I have a Clear Tunes 13" Flat Screen TV that has a USB port. I do not have a USB cable. Is there any way to hook up basic wires to the USB port and charge a cell phone. I only have the most basic of supplies and do not have access to any type of USB plugs or cables. The TV also has an HMDI port and other standard TV ports. PLEASE HELP!!!

Victor Mylovzorov

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USB has standard power outputs of 5VDC.   There is a concern of how much current is outputted however, as a single device your TV set will charge your phone without any problem.


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you are going to need to find a USB cable.  There must be someone you know that has them scattered everywhere.  Hopfully your phone has a standardized mini-USB and not some proprietary plug.  A USB to USB-mini or micro costs less than $3 USD.  Store bought will be x10 more.  To make the cable your self you will need both connectors to USB and your phone at bare MINIMUM.  IF you had an extra transformer for you phone and an old USB cable for instance, you can Mickey Mouse, twist the wires together. 

Mickey Mousing a USB power connector by wedging in bare wires is strongly not recommended. 

...if you try then you will also have my condolences without words   *shakes head in disgust*

You will have to learn some degree of electronics and learn to solder.  Wiring up power to any device is the simplest of modifications.  If you figure out what you need to do and it works I'll promise you that you have just learned a new skill that can be used time and time again for the remainder of your life.   Just don't try to jump start your car via USB and your TV.


Are you charging yet?  If still trying, describe Socket on Cell Phone and exact Model Number.  Most USB sockets can supply 500mA, thats 500milliAmps or thousandths of an amp, or half an Amp of power at 5V =  5 Volts which should do for thirsty cellphone.


it would be good if you would tell us which mobile phone you want to charge. tell us the brand and the model...


No. Do not do this. It might work, but those USB ports ARE NOT designed to charge anything unless specifically notated in the documentation by the manufacturer. Those ports are for service and firmware updates on the TV. It may work temporarily, but it will damage your TV or phone in the long run. USB ports on TVs are not designed to handle that amount of current draw.