USB A to USB A Please Help?

Started by DaveR, Dec 19, 2006, 06:33

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I have an iPAQ ppc. And I have a Magellan GPS. Both use a USB cable to communicate with a host device, etc. Both USB cables have an "A" male connector on the end. I want to use the ppc with the gps connected to it. I'm thinking I can make an adapter with two USB A female connectors back-to-back. Will this work? If so, do I need to swap Data -  and Data + between them (similar to swapping T and R with RS232)?[/quote]


Won't work unless the iPAQ is a USB host.  USB hosts are special, and different than USB devices.  A USB bus MUST have a host on it.  If your iPAQ can host, then you will NOT need to swap D+/D-.

USB-A connectors are for devices.  USB-B are for hosts... it's designed that way.


Thank you very much for the education...obviously the iPAQ is not a host. oh well...back to the ol' drawing board... DaveR


thank you for helping of you


afaik, there are no current options for converting a usb device output to serial so that non usb host capable computers or devices with serial can receive the data.

i.e. a serial device can be connected to a usb only computer with a converter, but

a usb device cannot be connected to a serial only computer

Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]