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2011-10-19 16:30:21rev. 4CORRECTNone that I seen.APPROVED
2012-04-21 15:16:11rev. 4ERROR FIXEDerror one. the picture of the two types of cable standard is labeled incorrectly:- the EIA/TIA 568A cable colors is in fact a EIA/TIA 568B OR AT&T 258A cable colors (and 568B is 568A) APPROVED
2012-08-20 16:41:02rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-09-20 04:34:55rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-10-12 21:08:19rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2012-10-15 08:30:52rev. 6CORRECTAPPROVED
2013-01-18 19:24:32rev. 7ERROR FIXEDYour diagram labeled "EIA/TIA 568B Ethernet UTP cable" is displaying the arrangement for 568A.APPROVED
2013-04-09 06:16:12rev. 8INCORRECTGreat article, but 100 Base TX uses Pins 1,2,3 & 6, not 4,5,7,8APPROVED
2013-06-07 17:21:47rev. 8ERROR FIXEDIn table "EIA/TIA 568A or AT&T 258A Ethernet UTP cable" column incorrectly named "EIA/TIA 568B or AT&T 258A cable colors"APPROVED
2013-07-25 17:33:44rev. 11ERROR FIXEDThe table shown for EIA/TIA 568A is actually EIA/TIA 568B and vice-versa. The pinout tables are the wrong way around. This isn't personal opinion; every other reference found on the internet so far has 568A starting with green/white at pin 1.APPROVED
2013-09-09 20:24:55rev. 20CORRECTLooks great to me, was having a hard time finding a 568B that would correctly work for the male end of a cable that had been tied toa Leviton female wall jack using 568BAPPROVED
2013-10-30 04:36:46rev. 20ERROR FIXEDIn the box, 100Base-TX, 100Mbps should be 2 pairs pinf 1,2,3,6 and not 4,5,7,8.APPROVED
2013-11-25 19:14:59rev. 20ERROR FIXEDon the chart referencing wires used 100BASE-TX says it uses 4,5,7,8. 7 and 8 are used for POE and not data transmissionAPPROVED
2013-12-26 06:40:51rev. 21CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-04-27 19:37:34rev. 22CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-06-05 03:20:12rev. 22ERROR FIXED100BASE-TX 100Mb/s 2 pairs: pins 4,5,7,8 SHOULD BE pins 1 & 2 , plus 3 & 6APPROVED
2014-08-10 18:27:43rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2014-09-20 07:11:07rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-03-14 16:22:56rev. 23CORRECTArticle is very helpfulAPPROVED
2015-04-27 06:59:01rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-06-29 21:25:06rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-06-29 21:25:25rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-06-29 21:25:49rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-07-23 12:24:32rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-09-11 20:10:21rev. 23CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-11-19 17:12:45rev. 25CORRECTAPPROVED
2015-11-25 23:43:31rev. 25CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-01-12 07:49:45rev. 25CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-02-19 15:37:06rev. 25CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-08-01 12:37:13rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-11-26 01:13:48rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-12-01 17:44:03rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2016-12-02 17:06:46rev. 26INCORRECTOrange, Orange white, green white, blue, blue white, green, Brown white, brownAPPROVED
2016-12-11 19:51:54rev. 26CORRECTNo errors, I'd go with T-568B though.APPROVED
2016-12-20 08:44:35rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-02-02 00:00:20rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-02-11 03:00:44rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-03-20 07:52:55rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-03-21 20:31:10rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-04-15 16:40:40rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-04-20 11:40:50rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-05-12 21:46:59rev. 26CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-06-11 16:29:32rev. 27CORRECTYes Error on main page within the "IF it doesn't work" Did you align wires in correct order on both ends of cable? Is pin 1 of connector wired with white-orange (EIA/TIA 568B) or white-green (EIA/TIA 568B) on both ends of cable? i believe one should read (EIA/TIA 568A)APPROVED
2017-09-06 02:41:22rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-09-20 16:55:18rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-09-26 15:35:21rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-10-03 15:53:34rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-10-22 17:15:05rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2017-12-05 12:24:09rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-03-14 19:51:43rev. 28CORRECTAPPROVED
2018-05-20 09:06:31rev. 37CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-03-08 14:53:22rev. 42CORRECTAPPROVED
2019-10-17 11:11:17rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-01-15 16:59:54rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-03-04 13:34:11rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-04-30 04:49:36rev. 47ERROR FIXED same diagram used for 568a and 568b diagrams also trouble shooting text reverses 568a and 568b wiring pin to wire order.APPROVED
2020-05-05 14:52:06rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2020-10-20 02:12:05rev. 47CORRECTcorrectAPPROVED
2021-03-06 16:38:44rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-12-12 20:47:25rev. 47CORRECTAPPROVED
2021-12-27 14:25:14rev. 47CORRECTYou Should Also metion that 2 pair wires may be used for 1000Mbps speeds without POE.APPROVED
2022-08-22 22:40:49rev. 48CORRECTAPPROVED

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2011-01-04 14:18:44rev. 2istvan nagy"8 BI-_D3 Bi-directional-" changed to "8 BI-_D4 Bi-directional- "
2013-02-20 22:50:30rev. 7EIA/TIA 568A
2013-08-20 22:47:02rev. 19
2013-08-29 10:30:51rev. 20
2017-05-09 23:22:08rev. 26fixed gigabit spelling on section title
2021-09-29 10:12:07rev. 47AnonymousA typo and a grammatical error, nothing serious

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