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18 pin SATA Express motherboard  connector layout
Разъем 18 pin SATA Express motherboard
SATA Express is an interface that supports either SATA or PCI Express storage devices. It is intended for providing a smooth transition path from SATA to PCIe storage.

The SATA Express host connector is backward compatible with the standard 3.5-inch SATA data connector, allowing up to two legacy SATA devices to connect. At the same time, the host connector provides up to two PCI Express 3.0 lanes as a pure PCI Express connection to the storage device, allowing bandwidths of up to 2 GB/s.

Instead of the otherwise usual approach of doubling the native speed of the SATA interface, PCI Express was selected for achieving data transfer speeds greater than 6 Gbit/s. It was concluded that doubling the native SATA speed would take too much time, too many changes would be required to the SATA standard, and would result in a much greater power consumption when compared to the existing PCI Express bus.

SATA Express pinout

Description interface
S1   GND  Ground PCIe/SATA
S2   PETp0/A+ PCIe Lane 0 Host Tx / SATA Tx pair PCIe/SATA
S4   GND Ground PCIe/SATA
S5   PERn0/B-   PCIe Lane 0 Host Rx / SATA Rx pair
S7   GND Ground PCIe/SATA
S8   GND Ground PCIe
S9  PETp1   PCIe Lane 1 Host Tx pair
S10   PETp1 PCIe
S11   GND  Ground PCIe
S12   PERn1   PCIe Lane 0 Host Rx pair
S13   PERn1 PCIe
S14   GND  Ground PCIe
P1   reserved     
P2  PERST# PCIe reset PCIe
P3  CLKREQ# / DEVSLP  L1 PM substate /
Device sleep
P4 IFDet  Interface
(PCIe/SATA) detect
P5  GND    Ground PCIe/SATA
P6  GND   Ground PCIe/SATA
P7  V5  5 V power, precharge   PCIe/SATA
P8  V5  5 V power PCIe/SATA
P10   GND   Ground PCIe/SATA
P11   DAS/DSS  Device Activity Signal
/ Disable Staggered
P12   GND   Ground PCIe/SATA
P13   V12  12 V power, precharge PCIe/SATA
P14   V12   
 12 V power
P15   V12 PCIe/SATA
E7  RefClk+   
PCIe common RefClk
E8  RefClk- PCIe
E9 ClkDet PCIe RefClk detec PCIe

Pins E7,E8,E9 are optional.

Pins S7-S14 and P1-P4 are used in both motherboard and host cable connectors.

Additional signals in SATA Express host cable connector are derived from  SATA power connector

32 pin SATA Express cable (host receptacle) connector layout
Разъем 32 pin SATA Express cable (host receptacle)
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