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I just moved into a new rental (townhouse) and a previous tenant cut all the RJ45 wires in the wall jacks. In attempting to rewire the RJ45 wall jacks I found that the previous wiring was using the A pinout. Although they cut the wire, the RJ45 jack still had the wires in the pinouts and it was wired to A. When I rewired to B and then plugged in a standard CAT5 cable to the jack and then tested it with an UbiGear Cable Tester, several of the pins didn't match up because obviously the end in the hub in the closet must be wired as A pinout in the modular plugs. What I'm trying to do is take the internet access coming into the house from Xfinity through my wifi modem and feed it into the wall jack to the wiring hub in the closet, in order to feed it out to the rest of the wall jacks in the house. The issue/concern is that on either end of the layout would be a wifi modem feeding the data in and a computer in another room trying to use it, I would expect that they would be using the B pinout. Is my only option to reconfigure the RJ45 wall jacks to B pinout and put on new RJ-45 CAT5 Modular Plugs on the other ends of the CAT5 cables that are in the hub in the closet to be the B pinout?

Hello - Need the pinouts for a TS-WX70DA for the unit receptacle or the wiring harness connector end plug.  If of the harness, please let me know if the connector tab is on top or bottom so I can orient it correctly.  Thank you!
I have here a cable that my provider supplied for my vip5602EW but I am not sure if it is the same that arris supplies and i only use the left and right sound.
Number 3 is blue component and blue ground is 7. green is 6 and green ground is 4. red component is 1 and...

May be this one ?

Please photo rear side of your head unit
This is a photo of the adapter for hyundai mobis tq8-acb10d3gg used in Tucson 2019. I need a pinout diagram for the head unit rear connector. Thank you.
Need pinout for Hyundai/Mobis TQ8-ACB10D3GG head unit. Changed my head unit but lost the connectors for my old one . Model is for Hyundai Tucson 2019. Thank you.
Errors and updates / Re: Calcomp model 34480 with 1...
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Dear LordZedd,
i also have a problem with the same cable. I found that pin 21> 4 does not work. I have no knowledge to repair the same, and I cannot find the place of purchase on the internet. Do you know where to buy?
I used some headphones/earbuds that audio exits from 1 and 3.

I have done some tries with a vip5602EW/vip5662EW. All arris boxes seem to use the same breakout/breakaway cable.

With a multimeter I have found that the ground pins are 2,4,7 and 9.  Which means all the others are the analog component, composite, and stereo audio outputs
I lost the subpack for the Iaudio (Cowon) X5, I bought the charging/sync cable,
but it doesn't have the Line-In/Line-Out that is on the Subpack, so I would like a pinout
for the connector on the bottom of the X5 (that the Subpack connects to).

I also have a Iaudio (Cowon) D2 and I was wondering what the little connector they use
you have the pinout on here but I dont know what kind of connector it is or where to get one.
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