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Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Audi_2005-2008_Symphony
Last post by pttk - Mar 07, 2022, 18:35
Hi, I have recently replaced the Symphony 2 with the 2+, I used an RNS-E harness, but when I connected the radio it did not turn on, we had to connect a power point to the fuse box, this does not look good.
When turning on the radio does not turn on, you have to do it with the power button.
I think this can be corrected by properly using the harness pins.
Thanks for the help

Any idea?
Всем привет.

Нам необходимо запустить блок питания автономно без сервера.
HSTNS-PL48 Power Supply for DL20 DL60 DL80 DL120 DL160 DL180

При подаче на вход 220В на выходе 0.

Поделитесь распиновкой разъемов.

Может у кого-то уже есть опыт?


The documentation from this site states that the tach wire is pulled to ground for every revolution of the fan.  How long is it pulled to ground ?  the entire revolution until the next ?  x number of milliseconds ?
I don't have a setup right now were I can measure it.  But I wanted to know if someone had some documentation on what its supposed to be.

Any help is appreciated.
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Engine swap Pin out diagram
Last post by Hondo - Nov 12, 2021, 00:32
Doing an engine swap and trying to locate the pin layout for identifying which pin is what. Have the part number and V.I.N. for both vehicle. One is a 2011 Ford F250 and other is a 2017 Ford F450. Do not want to cut and solder but swap the plug if possible. If anyone knows where I could locate the layouts for both , it would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Hard wire unit
Last post by jmv - Oct 28, 2021, 00:41
I want to hard wire this unit into my camper.  Does anyone have a diagram showing the pin nomenclature & color codes?
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / No sound
Last post by Rob1944 - Sep 23, 2021, 14:31
Hi plugged in a after market sterio in 2004 Lexus rx300 sterio comes on fine but no sound any ideas please

Ищу распиновку кабеля для прошивки КВМ ATEN LIN5-04A2-J13G - стерео jack на com портYou cannot view this attachment.
Hello There,

Anyone here is aware how to interface the mPCIe signals to M.2 adaptor for NVME SSD drives?
Anyone have a source for a 32 pin harness for connecting to the wiring that goes into the Bluetooth Handsfree unit? This is in a 2014 EX without navigation, with i-Mid.

I want to replace the factory radio without cutting into any of the existing wiring. The Axxess HDCC-01/ASWC-1 combo comes with a harness for all the other connectors, but not that one. I want to use the phone controls, and maybe the built in mic that are in that connector.