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Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading my non android head unit (Xpander 2019 GLX, Philippine market) to the GLS variant android touchscreen (also Philippine market). I know that the 20 pin connector (top left of the image beside the fuse) is standard and I can outright just use my existing non android head unit and plug it in to the android variant.

But I wanted to check what are the other headers/ports/pins for?

I understand chrominance is the colour part of a S-video cable. I've read that it is a combination of (red)Pr and (blue)Pb on component cables. I've also read that just Pr or just Pb is chrominance. Does that mean if you jumper the two together directly it creates the chrominance on a S-Video cable? Is the green or the Y of YPbPr directly the same as the luminance on a S-Video cable? If the above is all or partly true then is it OK to have the grounds on the S-Video cable the same ground on pins 1-2?

My situation is I have a new cable box that doesn't have a pinout for a mini din that does have YPbPr output with RH and LH audio and is marked as "analog". I bought the cable and it does as it should and functions dividing red blue and green. Can someone explain if Y(green) is the same as pin 3 and PbPr the same as pin 4 on a S-Video cable?
Hello friends.
I have a problem with combining the MB CLK (2.0 136KM W208 1999) with the delphi ds150e (Chinese) other brands reads great.
Is the problem in the adapter
OBD 16   MB 38

1 ------- 4
2 ------- 6
3 ------- 8
4 ------- 1
5 ------- 1
6 ------- 10
7 ------- 12
8 ------- 15
9 ------- 16
10 ------- 19
11 ------- 20
12 ------- 25
13 ------- 30
14 -------- 31
15 -------- 35
16 -------- 3

Is this a correct connection?
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Brochage autoradio nissan micra 24 pin
Hello good day, may I ask somebody who has a pinout configuration for PSC magellan 2200vs usb type since my new pc has no more serial port (com ports). Thanks in advance
 i have 2015 hyundai tucson se i had a friend remove my stock stereo and he put in a  aftermarket but due to summer and him not using connector crimps the tape had loosen up wen i removed stereo  i seen that the wires were cut since we didnt have pinout adapters and were cut to short on both pinout car harness originals so i bout new ones on line and also pinout connectors adapters  MY QUESTION IS DO THE ORIGINAL WIRES FROM CAR ORIGINAL PINOUT PLUG wires MATCH THE SAME EXACT KEY WIRES SPOTS AS the after market wires  if not can u help me with a color code chart for oem wire harness  i have chart for after market harnesses  thanks
Hello Saeed,

There's no such connection that I'm aware of VGA 15 pin, you probably mean the Serial COM or rather RS-232, which is totally different. Indeed they look the same but they carry very different data & hence interfacing them is very difficult or useless.

If you share what you are trying to do; we might be able to help you.

Best of luck.
I'v searched pinouts or any useful documentation of converter cable diagram to convert 15 pin male VGA connector in two rows to  15 pin standard female VGA connector in three rows.

So please if you have any information, post it please.

Many thanks in advance for your help
I own an Asus UX31A with a proprietary 12+6 pin NGFF SSD.
My disk controller is broken and the laptop boots from time to time and operates for some minutes then hangs and system no longer recognizes the SSD. Boots to the BIOS. I remove the SSD and re-attach. It boots again to Windows, works for some minutes then the same happens.

SSD works with a sata adapter. so I'm pretty sure problem is the controller.
PC also boots from a USB disk and runs perfectly.

I wish to connect the SSD to the USB ports (by doing some soldering) from inside the ultrabook's case and run the system from the ssd as an external usb drive.

I can connect the disk with a USB adapter directly to the port, but it is risky as the usb jack can disconnect with a little motion and system will immediately crash.

Can anyone help ? Can I do such a connection by directly soldering some wires?

I was wondering if anyone new how to convert vga to dvi d?