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Errors and updates / h y d r a
Last post by PotapJible - Today at 02:17
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Errors and updates / h y d r a
Last post by PotapJible - Today at 02:16
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Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Nubie
Last post by Leviset - Jun 17, 2019, 20:17
Just found this site - very interesting!
After a lifetime working in IT and then having to retire on ill health due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, I went back looking for an HP-97 Desktop Programmable Calculator as it was the machine I wrote my first commercial programs on (as a real job) in 1980. I've never managed to find an affordable used one but I did find and get an HP-41CX with card reader and printer in full working order.
I've recently been given a TI-95 Procalc Calculator/Computer also in GWO.
I'm trying to find the cable that would connect its 10 pin male connector out to a PC. I'm pretty sure the PC end of the cable was 25 pin centronics parallel port type.
Now these are like 'Hen's Teeth' for the TI-95 but the good news is that the same cable was used for the TI-74, much more common - except I'm still looking.
I'm really asking the Forum if anyone knows of such a cable type - 10 horizontal male pins at the Calculator port (so presumably 10 pin female at one end) and I believe 25 pin centronics (was that IEEE 1284?) at the other end or even USB at the PC end (if such a thing ever exists?). I've done a quick search of the Forum but being new here I'm probably not looking properly - does anyone know of a schematic or even a cable with the same spec from a different device please?
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / Kenwood-Ford
Last post by biba68 - Jun 17, 2019, 13:13
I have a problem to solve and I hope to find help on this site.
I have an old Ford Puma and his car radio is the 6000 CD RDS E-O-N. Online I bought the aux-sc-usb interface that uses the dc charger connector https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-Ford-Volvo/ford-6000_mp3_pinout.shtml
But this car radio is really of low quality and so I decided to put back my beloved old kanwood that has the cd charger connector https://pinoutguide.com/CarAudio/kenwood_cd_changer_pinout.shtml
I am not an expert and I am not able to understand how to connect the wires correctly.
I kindly ask you to guide me in understanding the connections.
I also apologize if I wrote in bad English but the fault is with google translate :-D

I lost the subpack for the Iaudio (Cowon) X5, I bought the charging/sync cable,
but it doesn't have the Line-In/Line-Out that is on the Subpack, so I would like a pinout
for the connector on the bottom of the X5 (that the Subpack connects to).

I also have a Iaudio (Cowon) D2 and I was wondering what the little connector they use
you have the pinout on here but I dont know what kind of connector it is or where to get one.
Hello there I'm engineering electronic and work for a company who fix verifone terminal POS.

I'm looking this kind of pinout Ethernet Pulse Jack j3011g21d.

This connector internal has some coil, resistors.

If someone can help please I've been so graceful and share some of my technics to fix electronics equipment
I have an old IDE drive I'm trying to extract files from. Please see photo. Is the smaller pin intentionally NULL or is it pushed down by design? Can you find a pinout of the model so I can see or is there another way to test it? Thank you.[/img]
Hi all,

I have the same printer as listed in this pinout:  https://pinoutguide.com/PosDevices/HP_A799_POS_receipt_print_pinout.shtml

I had to purchase a custom power supply so I've purchased this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Power-Supply-Adapter-Transformer-AC240V-To-DC24V-1-2-3-4-5A-for-LED-Strip/202120736297?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=502113259261&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

Note it has a simple positive and negative adapter on the end.

Based on the pinout link above, what pins should I be connecting the power supply's two pins?

Thanks so much
Errors and updates / Re: Calcomp model 34480 with 1...
Last post by admin - May 14, 2019, 13:35
Quote from: LordZedd on May 07, 2019, 02:56I was comparing a 18365-3's damaged cable (from a GTCO Calcomp DrawingBoard model 34480) with the pinout in your web, but it's different in these pins

25 pin D-SUB female connector -----> 8 pin DIN male connector
6 ---> 4
8 ---> 3
21 ---> 4

The shield, from 8 pin DIN, its connected with his pin number 2, and both with the pin 7 (from the 25 pin D-SUB female connector). This is the strangest thing. But it's works!!

I must make another cable, this it's damaged near the 8 pin DIN connector and its pin number 4 is broken, so, sometimes doesn't work.

Changes to the pinout are made.
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