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5 pin Micro-USB Type A, Type B receptacle connector layout
Разъем 5 pin Micro-USB Type A, Type B receptacle
used in 3720 Classic, 5330 Mobile TV Edition, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, 6303i, 6500 Classic, 6555, 6600 Slide, 6600i Slide, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 6730 Classic, 6760 Slide, 7900 Prism, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte, 8800 Diamond Arte, E63, E66, N78, N82, N85, N86 8MP, N900, N96, N97, N97 mini, X3, X6
Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VCC Red +5 VDC
2 D- White USB Data -
3 D+ Green USB Data +
5 GND Black Ground



For Nokia mobile data lines ( pins 2 & 3 ) must be shorted in order, and pin 4 must be connected to GND through resistor 200kOhm to detect charger.

For USB On-The-Go detection (connect USB storage/mouse/keyboard/... to N8, C7), Pin 4 must be shorted to GND.

For Nokia 6303i also unconnect data lines in charger (mostly remove the 4 resistors).

Nokia N97 Mini charges from a wall usb charger if both data lines are shortened and connected through a 10KOhm resistor to GND.

5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug connector layout
Разъем 5 pin Micro USB A, Micro USB B plug
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