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Распиновки для Bunker

Распиновки для Dell

  • 10 pin IDC keyed male connector drawing
    Dell TEAC CA-200 Flexbay 19:1 multimedia card reader The CA-200 connects to a USB socket on the motherboard. The pins on the back of the CA-200 use a non-standard 2mm spacing. The case is easy to pop open (so you can get at the internal wiring, colours as per list below). One version supports USB (as well as multimedia devices) and requires 2 USB connections (i.e. D2+ / D2-)

Распиновки для ioLabs

Распиновки для Mighty dwarf

  • 5 pin Mini-USB type B plug connector drawing3 pin stereo plug connector drawing
    Mighty Dwarf, Audio and USB Connector If you do not require DC power previous pinout works fine. If you do require DC power and audio then you need seperate grounds. I also noticed that the audio cable needs to be screened.

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