Компьютерная сеть (вычислительная сеть, сеть передачи данных) — система связи компьютеров или вычислительного оборудования (серверы, маршрутизаторы и т.д.). Передача данных в компьютерной сети может быть организована как при помощи электрических сигналов, передающихся по кабелю, так и другими способами.

Распиновки для / Cisco or follow to 10 OLD hardware pinouts.
See also Кабели для локальных сетей pinouts
  • Cisco/Juniper/Zyxel RJ45 Serial Console port to DB9 female Cisco / Juniper / Zyxel / Ubiquiti network devices with RJ45 console ports
  • Ethernet 10/100Base-T ( RJ-45) connector Ethernet 10base-T / 100base-TX pinout. Widely used in ethernet network devices. The connector of 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and 1000base-T.
  • Ethernet 1000Base-T (Gigabit ethernet) 1000 Base-T uses all pairs for bidirectional traffic in the RJ45 connector. cables used should be of Category 5e(nhanced), even though Category 5 cables usually works too.
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) Power over Ethernet is a technology that allows IP telephones, wireless LAN Access Points, security network cameras and other IP-based terminals to receive power, in parallel to data, over the existing CAT-5 Ethernet infrastructure without the need to make any modifications. Described by IEEE 802.3af standard.
  • Power over Ethernet (POEU) Ubisysco - IV Generation Power over Ethernet Ubiquitous is a technology that allows Ubiquitous PCB's and Cables to receive power, in addition the technology incorporates GND_LED to every Ubiquitous device, and 2 sending and 2 receiving line level audio inputs/outouts over the existing CAT-5 Ethernet infrastructure. NOT COMPATIBLE With IEEE 802.3af standard. Connector is RJ54 8P8P, however cable is flat 8 Core Modular Cable illustrated below.

: Распиновки для Cisco

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