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I saw that page.  The Ask Impression A6+ Projector pinout seems similar, though my cable has two composite video and no S-Video.  I'm hoping somebody on the forum may have seen this cable in use on a specific piece of equipment.  Thanks.
I am trying to find out what interface this cable is used for.

It consists of a DB-26HD (HD26) Male to:

  • VGA/SVGA D-Sub Male (HD-15M)
  • VGA/SVGA D-Sub Female (HD-15F)
  • RCA Female Yellow (labeled VID-1)
  • RCA Female Yellow (labeled VID-2)
  • RCA Female White (labeled AUD-L)
  • RCA Female Red (labeled AUD-R)

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hello I would like to contact David Knoll contributor of this page
He wrote:
QuoteI'm intending to build a PS/2 keyboard adapter using an ATtiny and a bunch of 74LS374's, as my keyboard was busted when I got it (eBay bargain).

I have a non working Osborne 1 keyboard so he could help me.
I have bent a couple of pins on my cf card socket.  I need to carefully straighten them out if I can.  I think buying a blunt hypodermic needle of a slightly larger diameter will allow me to put the needle over the pins and gently lever them upright again.  The thing is - what is the diameter of the pins?

I'm looking to identify the CG and TS pins on my 06 Lexus GS300 (UK version). Some online resources say pin 12, some say pin 14. I need to be sure, can't find any manuals online.

Can anyone help please? Much appreciated.

Thank you.
I need to find out how to test PG or PWR_OK on the PSU "DPS-300AB-73 B". It does not have a "blue" cable that most standard PSU's have which is for the -12VDC or in some cases (Blue) Power Ok (+5V & +3.3V is ok) on the HP Workstations. The computer this PSU came from was an HP Envy 750-124. Have tried many PSU tester and get the same result PG 0sm or PG F on the Dr. Power II tester. Thanks for any help.
Interfaces, Pinouts, Cables / SAS Power
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Hi forum!

Please be kind, this is my first post here even though I've used for many years. I just would like to know if someone have tried or if it is technically possible to use pin 12 (SAS Power Ground) together with pin 14 (SAS +12Volt) to power a small fan as well as the harddrive?

I need to cool a WD Raptor in a hotswapbay.
My connector plug in end of my scan tool was pulled off . Does anyone know the correct location of each wire to the pins at the connector? thank you
I recently found an x-530 subwoofer at electronic garbage disposal and i wanted to get it working.Sadly i just fount the sub unit(not the 4 speakers he is usually connected to).So i plugged it in and didnt hear any noise coming from the speaker,so I opened it up and replaced a blown fuse and burned trace,then i though it connets to PC using vga cable so i did that and that gave me signal it works.Speaker started humming and amplifier chips heated up and when i turned to volume knob it was getting louder.So i disconnected a VGA and tried to recreate it but i cant,chips are not turning on and all i can hear is transformer inside.So i was googling and saw this post from this site: and found something useful here but not useful enough.I connected pin 11 and 15 and pin 12 to 8 but nothing.
So I was wondering If anyone knows how to turn on amplifier and speaker and how to feed audio singal to the speaker.Thank you
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