PDA, Tablet PC, MP3 players and other portable devices
with GPS
base of the PDA
Name Direction Description
1 GND Ground
2 USB0 D- USB0 Port D-
3 USB0 D+ USB0 Port D+
4 GND Ground
5 +5V Vbus +5v Power, act as USB craddle detection
6 RxD Rs232 Port COM1 RxD
7 CTS -?- Rs232 Port COM1 CTS
8 DSR -?- Rs232 Port COM1 DSR
9 DCD -?- Rs232 Port COM1 DCD
10 TxD Rs232 Port COM1 TxD
11 RTS -?- Rs232 Port COM1 RTS
12 DTR -?- Rs232 Port COM1 DTR
13 GND Rs232 Port COM1 GND
15   -?-  
16   -?-  
17   -?-  
18   -?- VCC Power Adapter ? (see http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/mitac_cable_pinout.shtml)
19 VCC VCC Power Adapter
20 VCC VCC Power Adapter
21 VCC VCC Power Adapter
22 VCC VCC Power Adapter

connector can be ordered at pc-mobile.net, complete COM cable: PV3SMP

22 pin male Himalaya proprietary of Medion, Yakumo, Mitac MIO 168 PDA  connector layout
22 pin male Himalaya proprietary connector
at the PDA
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